Abu Nawas and His Ring

One day, Abu Nawas lost his ring. Then he looks bussy looking for the rings. He tried to find it in the back yard, under the trees. But he just could’n find it. His neighbour came to help him. But after a while, the ring was still not found. Then the Neighbour asked Abu Nawas.

“Abu Nawas, try to remember. Where do you loss your Ring?”.

“For sure, I lost it in my house”, Abu Nawas Replied.

” Why do you try ton find it here?”, ask the neighbour.

“Because it was dark inside my house”.

“Are you crazy? Surely you wont find it”. the neighbour look at Abu Nawas curriously.

“That’s how many people do. They try to find the answer for their problem outside himself. Surely the wont find it!”, Abu Nawas answer and smile.

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